The difference between Hackers and Crackers is great

Every day in the news of Internet I see that it is related to the word Hacker with the cyberdelito, and few are those who use the term Cracker to refer to the criminals behind the keyboard and display, with this entry, I would like to give my opinion on the matter.

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It is something that bothers me enough to not say much, Since the Hacker is not any criminal, I think that what best defines to a Hacker ES: passionate about your work or hobby and which do not comply with learn as others do nor accepts the limits imposed by others without checking first the because all by itself, to acquire one greater knowledge.

Is the one who wants to go more than, that small dissects their toys to see how they are made with passion for improving them, There is also a small Hacker. To which his friends laugh you, because instead of buying a Drone, prefer to do it by itself itself and take a year to get to make it fly instead of buying it and begin to enjoy of the, but that's because perhaps the Hacker enjoy doing that you using, designing that you buying.

Optimizing it every day without comply, perfecting their creations and trying to improve those of others in a quest for wisdom and improve technology to provide a service to society.

And it is for this reason that we need Hackers who prefer to go more beyond and understand how it all works. How it is made, as breaks and how is repaired, so do network instead of being mere consumers.

Since people like them I would have never existed Internet, nor we would have a minimum of security in this network without law, and as a good teacher taught us quoting a phrase from the movie Spiderman: great power brings great responsibility.

But even in this net full of scammers, thieves, assassins, pedophiles and other specimens of this type we need experienced professionals who understand the issue and are on the side of the users not to be unprotected, since they programmed in our benefit in a disinterested way, warn us if something goes wrong and we do not realize, and even some people end up thanking the favor denouncing them when they should at least invite you to a beer by the big problem that perhaps spared them the curiosity and the desire to learn from a Hacker.

The Hackers they are the immune system's Internet.

~Keren Eleazari

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