Underwater Internet: All about the transatlantic fiber optic cables [Odyssey]

In this documentary, While the Narrator explains how runs an expedition on the high seas to repair a underwater fiber optic cable, its protagonists are revealing the secrets of this innovative material.

Diver repairing a transatlantic fiber optic cable.

Diver repairing a transatlantic fiber optic cable.

From its manufacturing, up to the features and the different applications and applications of this optical driver that allows to implement continental today connections in day use worldwide with response times unimaginable until a few years ago.


Cross-section of a submarine cable.

The first transatlantic cable It stretched was destined to the Telegraph, and He joined the American and the European continent from Ireland to Newfoundland the 5 August of 1858 and through the a message was sent from 99 words of the Queen of England than It took 16 and a half hours to get to your destination. This underwater cable ran for less than a month.

Samuel Morse's Telegraph.

Samuel Morse's Telegraph.

Never held that in 1866 transatlantic cables intended for telegraphy would already be something common, nor that in our days we would have computer networks based on quick communications with high availability and integrity in almost every part of the globe.

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