Be careful with making samples in social networks, you could finish exposed

About a week ago I found this video, now already viral that recommend each and every one of you that you can see if you have not yet done so, between Facebook notifications with the following title: Watch this amazing video until they eliminate the Facebook

This recorded awareness campaign in Brussels (Belgium) I liked since the camera hidden in the “I guess What then happens to be the director of what appears to be a mafia Cracker to the more pure style Data Broker ’ s“, the people understand better that will subject to link it to something known as a fortune teller.

Myself when I try to explain to someone that does not understand too much topic something related to computer science, I try to simplify it enough so don't think that I'm talking about in some weird language, breaking away from the cliché that all computer scientists must be a kind of cross between Sheldon Cooper of “The Big Bang Theory” and Falete eating clips.

Normally this get it explaining things without jargon and making comparisons with things more everyday for that person since understanding the essence of what we want to say, and in short, to which we refer is more than enough for these situations.

On this occasion an image (or a set of them broadcasted in series in this case) is worth more than thousand words.

Also when you pull the blanket in this way causes a kind of shock in the affected to make it leave hit of his “safe trusted zone” (as in the typical ads of the DGT issued here in Spain), and this psychological reaction (call it) a mi parecer lo que provoca es un gran impacto que como consecuencia hace que el susodicho se vaya a casa pensando en ello y siga dándole vueltas las próximas horas y quizás también los próximos días.

In conclusion, This is a video that I am willing to teach even to my mother, and I hope in the next weeks or months appearing more campaigns to the height of this to educate society and thus walk, all together towards a network more secure.

Until soon pedestrians!

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