Hatalogico – Interview with John Lumley, the creator of this hat for Raspberry PI

In the Barcelona Raspberry JAM 2015 I could know Hatalogico, an electronic Board that adds many other functions to our Raspberry PI; a few days ago I received by mail one of the prototypes.

Today we will know their characteristics and sure to John Lumley, the guy who designed this Hat able to increase the range of possibilities offered by Raspberry.

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ArduInstall – Installing Arduino IDE and ArduBlock quickly and easily

Some time ago I bought a Arduino Nano, and the first thing I did with it was this small set of traffic lights to get familiar with Arduino IDE and with processing, program-specific language in Arduino.

Later I met ArduBlock, a tool to program quickly and easily by dragging blocks from one side to another screen, to finally upload it to the Arduino IDE translated to processing -ready to be compiled.

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IES Ausiàs March technical conferences – Introductory talk to the Maker world and the Internet of things

On Wednesday 25 March I taught an introductory lecture to the world Maker and the Internet of things focused mostly on the dev boards as Raspberry PI, WRTNode and Arduino, in the IES Ausiàs March where I studied until last year.

talkIn also talk I spoke about the projects that I am working, and attendees could watch practical demonstrations of the system of video surveillance and home automation that I am developing.

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