Free video surveillance – Selling my Raspberry PI-based system

A few months ago I decided to take as a freelancer, work from home it would allow me to reconcile with the studies that I cursaré distance next year; After a period of inactivity for lack of time I return stomping.

And is that I promise that now I will find time to share what you can with you about what professionally developed, as well as tutorials and articles that always have provided such warm welcome.

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Implementing NAS + Economic RAID, Home-GNU/Linux-based, Delivery I – Cualoloque me are saying?

Lately I have been resting too, and today I had a flash developer: I am leaving too by the branches with the content of the site, so I'm going to return to the technical articles that I like to my both and alternate with other modalities.

Screenshot of 2014-07-15 01:46:40With this new series, I want to explain how you can implement your own NAS, modular and with various types of RAID home in a the of life desktop PC running stably the 24 hours a day under a system GNU/Linux on a desktop PC.

You and your needs put the minimum specifications. For a proof of concept with a Pentium 4 and a pair of hard drives of (for example) 80GB rescued from the Junk room or two 4GB pendrive vais sobrados.

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Batch of news – Facebook experience manipulating the emotions of its users

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Frequent errors, and as finished your DNI indexed on Google

Today has reminded me the idea of writing about some very common mistakes that users tend to commit voluntary and involuntary way to facilitate possible cyberdelincuentes commit all kinds of crimes with the affected data.

indexThe Phishing and the scamming, are phenomena that we perhaps sound more if we refer to them as identity theft, scam, fraud, etc… and although now attacks on the order of the day are more directed toward the ATMs that toward users of mobile devices, i.e., the own victim…

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