Raspberry PI Zero – Timelapse with the new camera's 8 megapixels [Part I]

With the recent release of the new Raspberry Pi Zero with slot for camera, Opens a wide range of possibilities thanks to the small size of this device, What offers the same features as the model B +.


If to this we add the new model of camera's 8 megapixels the Foundation has recently launched, us can happen an infinite number of projects; in this tutorial We will see how to make easy one, or several timelapse taking advantage of the system cron daemon, and the tool raspistill.

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Raspberry PI 3 - Review and differences with previous models

As said a couple of days ago in This previous article Raspberry PI 3 It has come on the market, increasing between a 50 and a 60 percent performance respect to his predecessor, but with some modest improvements in hardware.

In this new model, the chip has been replaced BCM 2836 ARMv7 Cortex at 900 MHz by the BCM 2837, ARMv8 Cortex-A53 quad-core processor of 64 bit 1, 2 GHz; but it should be noted that he keeps the bus shared between ports USB and its controller Ethernet 10/100, the major bottleneck of this micro computer.

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Debian – Resolve access to USB ports from Oracle VirtualBox error

Next to VMWare Workstation, Oracle VM Virtualbox es uno de mis software favoritos para gestionar máquinas virtuales por su amplia gama de opciones y su compatibilidad.

When you upgrade to the most recent version stopped detecting external devices connected to the host machine, and I want to share with you the solution to this problem that has been caused so many headaches.

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WRTNode and Peatonet raffle three development kits this Christmas

From the computer of WRTNode and the blog A pedestrian in the network We want to celebrate with you this holiday season along with the growth experienced by the Spanish speaking community of this small router, an of the more active today.

On this occasion three identical lots are drawn valued at € 60 each and based on this plate of development oriented connectivity and Internet of things, requests from around the world will be honored until the day 30 January.

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