Raspberry PI Zero – Timelapse with the new camera's 8 megapixels [Part II]

Already at the turn of the holidays, and after to resume my studies with the onset of the recent course; I have the necessary time, and photographs taken on my trip to write the second part of this tutorial.

Timelapse_manabiOn this occasion we will learn how to mount our timelapse in different formats of video and image as GIF o MP4, from the images we take in the previous article from the camera of our Raspberry PI.

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Raspberry PI Zero – Timelapse with the new camera's 8 megapixels [Part I]

With the recent release of the new Raspberry Pi Zero with slot for camera, Opens a wide range of possibilities thanks to the small size of this device, What offers the same features as the model B +.


If to this we add the new model of camera's 8 megapixels the Foundation has recently launched, us can happen an infinite number of projects; in this tutorial We will see how to make easy one, or several timelapse taking advantage of the system cron daemon, and the tool raspistill.

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WittyPi – Review and tutorial of the incredible HAT for Raspberry PI

After much work prior to the holidays and end of semester exams, I have the long-awaited and well-deserved time to write a good tutorial; This time talk about WittyPi brand Uugear.

This useful HAT It provides several additional features to our Raspberry Pi, as for example a real time clock, and the ability to configure the switching on and off automated; something really useful for implementing servers or the development of projects designed to operate in difficult to access areas.

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Raspberry PI Zero - Review of the micro computer more economic market

To develop small size devices Raspberry PI 3 u Odroid C2 they are too big, and such projects require more compact platforms; the response of the Raspberry PI Foundation faced with this growing need has been the tiny Raspberry PI Zero at an affordable price of 5$.

I made with one of the coveted PI Zero, and taking the opportunity I'm going to share with you My first impressions, as well as the most relevant technical characteristics in this small micro computer oriented to the education and the development of projects focused to the Internet of Things.

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