Maker in Spain culture – Those who are and what they do?

To start article today about this community increasingly more large, I bring you a fragment of the program The adventure of knowledge of RTVE, It is about the fair Maker which was held some time ago in Bilbao.

This video makes no arguments many of the suspicious of free hardware, and their many functional applications such as multicopteros, 3D printers and a wide range of inventions developed by and for the community, Here are some examples.

Homemade 3D printer.

Dear Raspberry PI-based.

Recreational Raspberry PI-based arcade machines + Emulator.

In addition, the video allows us to get an idea of how quickly being made hollow the Maker culture in Spain, and as the Makerspaces grow in number as did the Hackerspaces.

If either in Barcelona or nearby invited me to visit them, happy to accept.

Markespace Madrid ( ).

Until recently, not too many people knew this new culture that emerged with the arrival of free Hardware for all, Thanks to devices such as Arduino, Raspberry PI, Beaglebone and WRTNode.

Arduino one.

Raspberry PI B.

Beaglebone Black.


Our grandparents, lived the transistor revolution and thanks to them there are circuits integrated that today we all use daily, and even carry them in our pockets, often without make sure it.

Our parents, They explored the telephone networks and operating systems, they saw being born the network of networks, and his great creation was the BlueBox, you could call anywhere in the globe for free, placing the speaker of the BlueBox front of the phone microphone and marking the frequencies needed to jump from control unit ECU, and to thus keep conversations private on reserved lines.

Now us the things we are able to hack and in addition to improving them, make them ourselves. We have accessible knowledge, only to a “Click” away thanks to the free information.


The magazine “The Economistconsidered the movement Maker as the germ of the third industrial revolution; and while we now have the opportunity to change the way in which we create things, must meditate on the use we make of the technologies that we have at our disposal, so use them ethically correct way.

20120421_LDP001_0We must also monitor the legislation of the country in which we live, because otherwise we could end up behind bars as the guy who has been sentenced to two years in prison by making two pistols with their 3D printer.

pistola_impresora_3dThe Japanese Government considers that “It has been publicly announced that it is possible to print arms at home”, and they want to set an example with his sentence, since they fear that this will become regular, because it would be uncontrollable since they lack serial number and it is not necessary license for printing.

In addition these weapons by material so that they can, (generally thermoplastic resins) they are hardly detectable at airports; but they could kill a person with a single shot as a conventional firearm.

GUN-3DAnother example of misuse, Although less dangerous and more crook, It is the following video in which a guy tries to burn his neighbor in toppless This while taking the Sun on your roof; the small drone It saves almost from end broken a broom.

Do it yourself!, Maker!

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