Raspberry PI - implementing an affordable home automation system [Part II]

In the previous post about affordable home automation based on Raspberry PI, We learned to check the House mains connections from a panel of eight relays connected to our Raspberry PI.

Screenshot of 2015-02-01 20:20:47Today we will see how to control a total of sixteen electrical appliances Thanks to the circuit that we implemented above, and enabling boards has given me Jordi of @electronics.cat and you already could you see in the summary of the Hardware Freedom Day; designed by the same, and one hundred percent free hardware.

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Raspberry PI and GPIO pins: Controlling a LED with Bash and Python

In the previous post we saw were the GPIO pins and some examples of practical applications, Today we will focus on the operation of general-purpose pins, and learn to control them with the interpreter's orders Bash and with Python.


Will use a LED, a resistance of 330 ohm, wire, and one Breadboard, or solder and a soldering iron.

We will also need our Raspberry have already Raspbian pre-installed, If your case is not, You can see how to do it in the following link from the Directory.

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