Batch of news – The gyroscope on your phone is a door open for spies

Today I bring you the first batch of news after the survey carried out with respect to this section, and by ignoring the opinion of the majority I will publish them with a lower frequency, but with the largest number of news for batch, If you prefer to receive
the news rounds every two or three days as before, you're still in time to vote until the day 30 This month.

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Batch of news – Facebook experience manipulating the emotions of its users

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Fort Apache: Who watches the watchman? [HispanTV]

Here you have this debate on the espionage all suffer every day directly or indirectly for part of the State agencies, in much of the U.S..


Also dealt with topics such as the soldier Bradley Manning, computer analyst Edward Snowden, and the Organization of Wikileaks.

Heroes for some, traitors to others.

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Batch of news – Dismissing the month

This month of may the Blog has been quite stationary, I was implementing and documenting my end of course project, and you me and has made it impossible to find a little time to write.

For the time being, Here's the news I've been collecting this last month.

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