Raspberry PI 3 - Review and differences with previous models

As said a couple of days ago in This previous article Raspberry PI 3 It has come on the market, increasing between a 50 and a 60 percent performance respect to his predecessor, but with some modest improvements in hardware.

In this new model, the chip has been replaced BCM 2836 ARMv7 Cortex at 900 MHz by the BCM 2837, ARMv8 Cortex-A53 quad-core processor of 64 bit 1, 2 GHz; but it should be noted that he keeps the bus shared between ports USB and its controller Ethernet 10/100, the major bottleneck of this micro computer.

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BCN Raspberry JAM - free video surveillance systems [14/11/15]

The past fourteen November I participated as a speaker in the Barcelona Raspberry JAM 2015 Second Edition, which was held on the premises of Makers Of Barcelona within the framework of the event BCN We Make ’ 15.

Talk that I taught was a brief summary of the history of my free video surveillance system based in Raspberry PI, showing the progress made both in software and hardware through practical demonstrations.

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Free video surveillance – Selling my Raspberry PI-based system

A few months ago I decided to take as a freelancer, work from home it would allow me to reconcile with the studies that I cursaré distance next year; After a period of inactivity for lack of time I return stomping.

And is that I promise that now I will find time to share what you can with you about what professionally developed, as well as tutorials and articles that always have provided such warm welcome.

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Hatalogico – Interview with John Lumley, the creator of this hat for Raspberry PI

In the Barcelona Raspberry JAM 2015 I could know Hatalogico, an electronic Board that adds many other functions to our Raspberry PI; a few days ago I received by mail one of the prototypes.

Today we will know their characteristics and sure to John Lumley, the guy who designed this Hat able to increase the range of possibilities offered by Raspberry.

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