BCN Raspberry JAM - free video surveillance systems [14/11/15]

The past fourteen November I participated as a speaker in the Barcelona Raspberry JAM 2015 Second Edition, which was held on the premises of Makers Of Barcelona within the framework of the event BCN We Make ’ 15.

Talk that I taught was a brief summary of the history of my free video surveillance system based in Raspberry PI, showing the progress made both in software and hardware through practical demonstrations.

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Learning with Raspberry PI, Delivery IV - Overclock and Overvolt of IP

In previous deliveries We saw as dump OS Raspbian, based on Debian on an SD card, as update the Software and the Firmware of our Raspberry, and How to make or overturn a complete picture of the SD card making the main memory in the PI function.

This time we will see how to apply Overvoltage and Overclocking our small Raspberry PI without losing the warranty, by considerably increasing its power, but not too shorten your life, and we will do this by choosing one of the configurations of the table of values RPI-config (the following graphic menu) us offers.

Screenshot of 2014-07-19 18:09:49

Overclocks predefined by the RPI Foundation.

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Learning with Raspberry PI, Delivery III – Make or overturn a SD card style Clonezilla image

I've been looking for a backup comfortable and effective for Raspberry PI, Although I have never found a procedure that completely convince me as to stop search and stay with the finally. So far, before I've already tried with different forms, How to copy paste, or copying partitions to another SD, thing requiring to have two cards all the time.

This new (for my) method of backup, what I have found and implemented for the final project of Medium level training cycle that I am doing this last month of class, and it has been very useful to me, Although it must be done with the operating system standing and not in production; When you run the, We will obtain a file extension .img ready to burn.

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Tor: Onion tears – Diary of an Onionauta (Delivery II)

This entry I will dedicate to teach which is by Tor When we are plunged in the DeepWeb

In the previous article series Diary of an Onionauta, the reader could understand how it works Tor in a not-too-technical way, and you could read some recommendations if you finally urge to finish testing.

Today we are going to see that I found to walk me through Tor this time

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