MailRelay – Discovering your new filter for engagement

In the previous article about email marketing We met this powerful tool of mailing and some of their advantages over competing strongly settled from the likes of MailChimp.


Today we know a new function, the filter user commitment or engagement, that will allow us to segment our mailing lists.

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MailRelay – Manage your campaigns of email marketing with this tool

If you administer a digital media or a web portal and you want to be in contact with your readers or customers, You can do this by using the social networks, but there are many other ways; one of them is the email marketing, and today we will speak about MailRelay.

mailrelayThere are many providers that offer this type of services, each on their own solutions; in this article we will know the basics of one of them created in Spain, with more and more visibility, and which can compete with MailChimp, the giant U.S. of this type of software.

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Make your own router with WRTNode - controlling LEDs via the GPIO port

In previous articles about WRTNode among other things, we learned, How to add four ports LAN and a port WAN to this small router oriented development related projects with the Internet of things and the Robotics.

Today we will learn the basics about the port GPIO This device making Flash a bi-color led, or two failing LEDs as different colors of “Hello World” to be familiarized with This development platform.

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BCN Raspberry JAM - free video surveillance systems [14/11/15]

The past fourteen November I participated as a speaker in the Barcelona Raspberry JAM 2015 Second Edition, which was held on the premises of Makers Of Barcelona within the framework of the event BCN We Make ’ 15.

Talk that I taught was a brief summary of the history of my free video surveillance system based in Raspberry PI, showing the progress made both in software and hardware through practical demonstrations.

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