DroneZone – Making an antiperdida alarm DIY for Syma X module 8


After an intense semester, I reopen this new section dedicated to the drones; in this occasion we will learn to assemble a circuit with a small buzzer anti-lost for any model of drone or radio control.

This little hack will help us so that the handset issues intermittent beep provided that the same leds blink; i.e. When is the battery running low, or when the drone lost the connection to the control station.

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Raspberry PI Zero – Timelapse with the new camera's 8 megapixels [Part II]

Already at the turn of the holidays, and after to resume my studies with the onset of the recent course; I have the necessary time, and photographs taken on my trip to write the second part of this tutorial.

Timelapse_manabiOn this occasion we will learn how to mount our timelapse in different formats of video and image as GIF o MP4, from the images we take in the previous article from the camera of our Raspberry PI.

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Pine 64 – Review and comparison with Odroid C2 and PI Raspberry 3

Is already a couple of months, While preparing a long journey through Ecuador with my partner, I received my Pine 64+ next to the Wifi/Bluetooth module; now back at home and after to resume contact with the plate, I have the necessary time to finish taking the photographs and write this review.

Pine A64 +This colossus of the micro computer offers much more performance than Raspberry PI 3 and Odroid C2; but with a remarkable increase in size with respect to their counterparts, What is surprising given the trend of brands to reduce the size of this type of platforms increasingly.

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Raspberry PI Zero – Timelapse with the new camera's 8 megapixels [Part I]

With the recent release of the new Raspberry Pi Zero with slot for camera, Opens a wide range of possibilities thanks to the small size of this device, What offers the same features as the model B +.


If to this we add the new model of camera's 8 megapixels the Foundation has recently launched, us can happen an infinite number of projects; in this tutorial We will see how to make easy one, or several timelapse taking advantage of the system cron daemon, and the tool raspistill.

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