CMS WordPress – Incompatibility between Transposh and HTML compression

Recently I have translated the Blog into different languages with filter Transposh, and I have been satisfied with the result, You can check it with the icons of the flags.

Screenshot of 2014-09-30 01:53:35At the beginning a problem arose I, Since When making “Click” in the translated home page links took me to entries in Spanish, What has brought me a few days of head; mostly because I have much less time due to the start of classes and urged me much fix it once to dedicate my time to continue writing articles.

Today I am going to explain how I solved it, in the next image you can see as the page translated into English, It maintains the links in the default language, which in my case is the Spanish.


English website with links (marked in red ) to entries in Spanish.

At last, and after many tests, I discovered that the problem This is due to an incompatibility between Transposh translation filter and the use of a compression HTML plugin, Thus compressing the HTML they kept all versions minificadas default links; After disable it all works normally.


Already repaired and links page (marked in red ) to entries in English

To conclude I would like to encourage that traduzcáis your Blog, especially if, as in my case many of your visits have as source countries where other languages are spoken, Thus in addition to facilitate reading these people and promote free information, you will be multiplied by the number of languages that you establish the indexed pages your blog on Google, and consequently your visits from search engines.

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