Conferences – Some videos of the RootedCON passes

Waiting to publish the first videos of the Rooted2014, I bring you some videos of RootedCON passes. All of them are very interesting.

Speakers at these talks are Luis Delgado, Computer engineering student with the Conference “XMPP, more than CHAT [RootedCON 2012]“, Alejandro Ramos of the SBD blog with the Conference “chop you what you chop, analyzes a SQLite [RootedCON 2013]“, Jesus Olmos with “ChromeHack, HTML5/chrome Webhack Tool [RootedCON 2013]“, and David Barroso with “A gentle journey into extortion via DDoS [RootedCON 2013]”,

At the next Conference of the Rooted2012, the computer science student Luis Delgado (contributor to Security By Default) talks about the Protocol XMPP and the different uses that give Tuenti and Google in your chat applications.

We will also see some problemas de seguridad de este protocolo Instant Messaging and as take advantage of any of them.
For example to not pay for the mobile operator data TuentiTU diverting all our connections by Tuenti servers tunelizando with XMPP, Since this mobile operator does not charge for data 3G intended for the use of Tuenti:

At the Conference you what you chop chop, analyzes a given SQLite Alejandro Ramos Security By default in the Rooted20013, He explained how these databases, and showed us how it carries out its forensic analysis with them to retrieve records and already deleted tables, for example the database tables of Whatsapp It contains messages.

Then we can see a live demonstration with Recover Messages, the website that the and Chema Alonso have been developed so that people can upload their databases and recover your deleted messages:

ChromeHack, HTML5/chrome Webhack Tool, Conference of the Rooted2013 in which Jesus Olmos tells us how your add-on for Chrome with which an attack can carry out by brute force of username and password forms on websites, or search for sites on filtering by values and eliminating false positives among other things.

Finally it shows your application code and explains the inner workings of the same:

At the Conference “A gentle journey through extortion inside DDoS” of the Rooted2013. David Barroso, Security Professional, reports on trends in this mode after spending years monitoring the scene.

Allow the use of advanced tools like botnets to any user who pay for them, Thanks to the creation of user-friendly interfaces used for DDoS attacks by the end user, You can hire them to these companies that are advertised by television.

And the ability to exist in some countries of the eCrime, for example in Russia, the malware or the abduction of web pages are the order of the day.

Upcoming deliveries already go up more amount of videos from past RootedCON ’ s.
If you have any requests in particular, You can send it by comment or by e-mail.

Even more cross…

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