Conferences - first videos of the RootedCON 2014

And finally after wait, Here we have the first videos of the last conferences RootedCON 2014, which I already discussed in This advance, and that took place between days 6 and 8 March in the Hotel Auditorium of Madrid.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I. Above all because I have all the time to see them carefully, and publish them. Since I have already finished for this year classes, and finally return to have time for personal projects.

Antonio Ramos – Agility. The route of the security.

Alfonso Muñoz – Concealment of communication in natural language.

Pablo González and Juan Antonio streets – Cyberwar: Looking for… touchdown!

Pau olive – Bypassing Wifi pay-walls with Android.

Jorge Bermudez – The Hackers are from Mars, the judges are from Venus.

Raj Shah – The Kill Chain: A Day in the life of on APT:

Francisco Jesús Gómez and Carlos Juan Diaz – Sinfoneir: Storm Builder for Security Investigations.

Alberto Cita – Skype without lever. An analysis of privacy and security.

Cesar Lorenzana and Javier Rodríguez – By that call it APT ’ s, What to say when is money.

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