Conferences - Are already available some videos over the RootedCON 2014

In a previous entry I published the first videos of the RootedCon 2014 it rose to Youtube Channel, a few days ago they have uploaded more conferences and in this entry you can see each and every one of them in a playlist.

This is the list of the conferences in the previous post still it weren't available on Youtube:

Raul Siles – iOS: Back to the future

Jose Luis Verdeguer & Victor Seva – Secure Communications System

Jorge ramie – RSA compliance 36 years and the youth card has expired

Chema Alonso – Playing and Hacking with Digital Latches

Miguel Tarasco – WiFi analysis of natively in Windows

Jose Luis Quintero & Felix Estrada – War games to jungle 4

Andres Tarasco – Attacks with APTs Wi-Fi

Then here you have the playlist with the total of 16 conferences:

RootedCON informs us from Twitter still missing some videos by uploading.

Like all videos, This playback list will be archived in the library.

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