Frequent errors, and as finished your DNI indexed on Google

Today has reminded me the idea of writing about some very common mistakes that users tend to commit voluntary and involuntary way to facilitate possible cyberdelincuentes commit all kinds of crimes with the affected data.

indexThe Phishing and the scamming, are phenomena that we perhaps sound more if we refer to them as identity theft, scam, fraud, etc… and although now attacks on the order of the day are more directed toward the ATMs that toward users of mobile devices, i.e., the own victim…

evitarphishingfraudebancario…There are still criminals who get their monthly salary of this type of cracking that affects us users, Since it is much more easy then must not be technical expertise if not desired because the mode of operation of these criminals It is the deception to the final victim, and packs of malware they can be purchased at any black market, they can finally sell your data to third parties who will be who you empty the account.

Phishing-tacticWe are the ones who must keep our data in a responsible manner, and not so serious and common mistakes as upload a picture of your DNI to any social network or blog to display photography of meat makes such grace us.


Nor should we upload an image of our new credit card even though it is very nice, or share the entire disk in file sharing clients in networks P2P as eMule, Since entire drive means: WHOLE DISK.

Photo 880Also It is important to delete the meta data images, Since not all platforms and social networks make it, and they could get even GEO - locate us.

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-01 to the(s) 15.35.28Or delete the data that I have deleted this post if we upload a scan of the DNI for example, to tell the story of the wait we had to suffer in order to renew it, or if we're going to take a picture for a journal with our health insurance card on hand to claim something, Since We could end up handicapped.

Because each time the results are less, which shows that it is increasing concern about the topic thanks to the great work of information and awareness are carried out the professionals in the sector.

ncnBut as you can see from the images in the article, There are still images of actual documents indexed in Google if we perform a search with the following terms, or we seek with names at random:

DNI, DNI electronico, my new visa, my new spanish dni.

Screenshot of 2014-07-06 17:28:07Remember that the criminals are out there and have to pay rent, feed their children, and pay the car lyrics, so if they have the chance they will go for you and for your money that you have so much sweat to win.

Equal to that you never colgarías a photocopy of your DNI in all the parks and squares of your town or city, do not upload it to the Internet, and do not put easy.

Even more cross, pedestrians…

As always, I have removed images all personal data that may be present in images.

If sales at some of the photographs, put yourself in contact with me and I will remove it from the article.

So the picture is removed from Google you can use This form to apply for the right to oblivion.

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