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Although this blog is focused to the computer security, also I have raised go speaking of the projects that go working, and as this Blog I manage it just with my partner who helps me in specific moments with graphic design and dissemination of the site, I have encountered some barriers to overcome, and problems to resolve when I've wanted to do according to which optimizations, or when migrating from to with the theme of the penalties of Google if we do not want to pay the redirection of all the links on our old Blog at to 11€ per year toward the new based on and hosted on our own Hosting.

When I took out the migration, advised by an old friend, I bought the domain at GoDaddy, and the service of Hosting and email at Eleven2, two companies that I am really very happy, above all by the personal attention I received in solving specific problems with the DNS servers, and the domain redirection above all when setting up email, even in some moments where the domain was inaccessible or unavailable from mail service I was especially heavy becoming maybe even desperate.

When choosing a provider of Hosting and mail e recommend that you may have in mind the quality of customer service. As a rookie I did almost the first thing you told me, but I was well advised because Eleven2 has a Chat online 24/7 from which kindly resolve us any questions that may arise us, arriving to review and adjust settings at a certain time if we need it. On the other hand, service to the client from the domain provider should not matter to a large extent, Since in principle only need at most a single time commissioning day, but It is always advisable to be good.

In my case since GoDaddy I have kindly cared at all times from the free phone I have provided. A couple of days after purchase I got to read opinions and the fact that were all pretty good. If you have no experience in Server Administration and management of web applications, I recommend you buy a domain and Hosting in the same company, since they will be those who do connect the domain to the server where your web site will be staying, to provide you with a panel of ready-to-use centralized control and how much we will spend 4 o 5 euros more a year.

At this point you must assign the IP ’ s and DNS of the Server Hosting the domain on the provider of the page to, since normally by default they sell it us pointing to your own, and we will add some A and CNAME records the DNS Server pointing to the IP and the different Hostnames of the services that we have contracted.

Screenshot taken from Google images of a current panel of GoDaddy.

Once done, I installed on my server on the CPanel and the old Blog I exported to an XML file with the WordPress Exporter, to import it into the new Blog with the plugin WordPress Importer, until there all good. The problem has followed has fallen the positioning of the Blog, now that Google has taken it as plagiarism of the old Blog, and it has been a difficult to solve big headache, but the damage was not made.

After most of the day researching, I've added a cache to the blog with WP Super Cache, and I've compressed content JavaScript, I also compressed the files HTML with WP-HTML-Compression and header image and the entries you write today from this web page offering such functionality.

I have removed all possible redirects, and I have generated a key pair SSL/TLS of 4096 bit then generate a certificate self-signed CRT to make the Blog accessible also through the Protocol HTTPS and thus better valued by Google to provide an additional layer of security at the same time.

I have installed broken link checker, to review the site automatically looking for broken links, by configuring it to send me an e-mail whenever you find one and can directly replace the link broken from the plugin without having to edit the entry, a couple of CAPTCHAs to add an extra safety, Vihv Speed UP to speed up the site, and WP-Optimize for as its name suggests, optimize based on Blog, and I measured the speed of access from This web, that has given an average of 5 Ms and you can also see how it is of optimized your Blog from This one, but remember that if you have more plugins and widgets of the account the blog can be affected and fairly slow charging.

Also have of various websites where can you see if your site has been penalized by Google, I've been quick and Finally I have not penalized.

Then I installed Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC) to analyze the topics my WordPress in hidden malicious code, and I installed a limit login attempts. Also a Jetpack to connect to my account, Google Analyticator to activate Google Analytics and I have started the day with the Cookies Spanish law.

And finally has made me need to go to sitemap for Google Webmaster and removed from the search engine index all links pointing to my former Blog, so Google does not penalise my new page of course plagiarism myself, and it touched me lift the Blog by hand pulling of social networks and other so-called legal or White Hat SEO, Since since I migrated I stopped all the daily visits he received from Google Mexico, Google Chile, Google Ecuador, Google Colombia, Google Argentina, Google Spain, Google us. UU, etc…

I wanted you to see an example in the panel, but in these few hours already have dealt with me more low of 50 links. I lost all the links that pointed to the old Blog from other websites, but at least I have been able to start from 0 without that "Google put me leg over".

If you want that in next entries I spread more about any of the above points, comment to let me know or send me an e-mail from the contact form.

At the moment I add link in the Library and we'll see if you want that with this entry opens a new series: Positioning SEO Wordpress.

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