Program TV: The color of money – Bitcoin, the virtual currency [HispanTV]

This documentary tells the history and trajectory of this cryptographic currency, and helps us to understand which are the Bitcoins. The criptodivisa created by Satoshi Nakamoto designed to operate without intermediaries and without the need to rely on no one more than one same.


This system works with a key pair system. Private key to send money, and public key to receive payments.

The transactions are irrastreables If the user wants it, in recent months, its value has grown considerably, and it is that the value of this coin not to multiply with the passage of time.

ES dinero p2p, It is based on the trust that users give to the system, and each user has one or more purses where to save your bitcoin virtual. These purses are basically computer programs, o third-party web applications, and they are available for all operating systems, in various distributions for each of them.

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