Batch of news – Amazon in the crosshairs

Today I bring you another list of news, such as the resurgence of the Zeus Botnet, the creation by a student of the inverse of the ransomware simplocker to decode the stolen files without paying the ransom, and the use of the personal data of more than 50.000 American children in Florida to impersonate your identity in order to apply for credit lines.

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It also highlights the fall in sales of computer products by large US companies. UU. as a result of the loss of confidence due to the revelations of Edward Snowden, the new look of the virus of the police now used by Felipe de Borbón instead of his father Juan Carlos photography and the upcoming release of the smartphone Amazon Fire, that could be a serious persistent threat to the privacy of anyone carrying it, Since for example any photograph made with it are “stores on Amazon servers free of charge”.

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