Tor: Deepening the onion network – Diary of an Onionauta (Delivery III)

This time I've searched a bit more through the search engines of the Deep Web, and the Hidden Wiki

I have found all kinds of criminal offenders services… Sure many of them are scams, others will be real, but it seems that the police has not yet cast glove from you more than one.

A large enough section of the Black Market is devoted to documentation. Here are some examples… As always I have omitted URLs of webpages,and contact email.

Then we will see some examples of searches on this network…

Passports from the United Kingdom with the stamp of the country in which you are, to ensure the “return home”. BitCoins payment:

Passports from different countries, some in Europe and North America, BitCoins payment:

ID of different countries, some in Europe and North America, BitCoins payment:

Driving Europeans and North Americans, BitCoins payment:

USA passport, become a U.S. citizen. BitCoins payment:

American drivers license. False, by the way. BitCoins payment:

Another great section is that of drugs, I made a collage of 3 points of sale, one of marijuana, another of a substance called DMT, and finally one of MDMA.

Both offers are to buy drugs in some cases, as for the buying and selling of formulas in other.

We found already to a lesser extent other varied services, like for example this website where such a “cove69” is offered to delete criminal records in Spain prior request and payment:

Sale of “Kamagra”, generic viagra. For users more veterans:

Fake currency, buying and selling of money:

And now at sites more dark, where you have not wanted to deepen, You can find the worst of the worst, hopefully will be more false than a wooden euro…

Sale of unregistered weapons:

Networks of Hitmen that act in the USA, Canada and Europe:

Trafficking in organs in Brazil:

And finally, new SilkRoad “the Silk Road”, the former was closed by the FBI, as the largest black market in Internet traffic of drugs and weapons.

Your webmaster was arrested.

We stayed at the doors of this site, as to enter it requires invitation, and we have not, We want neither to.

Just like the wars they have evolved and can already speak of cyberwar, criminals have moved to the Internet where it gives them one mascara that it gives them the anonymity, and an additional layer of security.

The selected currency is the Bitcoin, Although in the forums more active and with major index of crime appear new kinds of coins such as the MUSD, United Payment System or UAPS created for the occasion.

Especially in Russian forums, It is there where most of the market moves, and because of the distrust of some offenders toward the bitcoin, These new coins are of the same value that the dollar (MUSD) or the ruble (United Payment System).

But it is clear that late or early end up taking them, already always mistakes are made. And that may be the weak point of someone with things to hide. For my part, I'll let you delve into the dark corners of the deep web, who is looking for is, and I don't want to bring unpleasant surprises.

There are some things we all already know that there are.
And I, or any, would be pretty traumatized if you see according to which hobbies of the communities of the worst kinds of mentally ill.

I will focus on interesting information for the upcoming release of this series, and in the technical aspects of this anonymous network.

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