#BREXIT – Interview with a resident Spanish developer in Manchester

After several months, and before the event which is the result of the British referendum on the so-called output of the United Kingdom of the EU, now re-enable the section of interviews This blog the hand of Victor Galvez.


Is who Victor Galvez?

My name is Victor, I grew up in Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona, and I have 33 years; After eight years working in Vodafone as store manager decided to make a change of course to my 29 years and start studying computer science; After graduation found a job in a company of software development in Manchester.


That was what attracted you to find work in England, to finally migrate and settle you in Manchester?

My partner is nurse, and because the crisis was under obligation to emigrate. I at that time was on a fixed contract, and I started with the labor reform to be expensive, so I was victim of mobbing in the company to the extent of asking low anxiety, so when I saw that didn't have anything to lose, decided to come I also.


What impression do you have in general the opinion of the population of United Kingdom? Especially young people who in the end and after who live more years conditioned the decision expressed today at the polls if such measures are applied, largely supported by the people of advanced age.

In my case I don't have hardly any deal with people of advanced age, But beyond that you can have while shopping in any trade.

On the other hand if know enough young and for example the situation in my office this morning was of anger, both Manchester and Trafford voted remain.

Anyway influences that profile which votes the leave belongs to the general a very specific population, in particular the young I have decided to vote in favour of leaving the European union they have only the basic compulsory studies or receive benefits, i.e., State subsidies; Another great core of the brexit are older people's 65 years.


Does that you affect personally the BREXIT foreign labor?

At the moment we know little, on the one hand the ‘ brexiters’ They said that none of those who are already inside risk but everything is to see what happens.

On the other hand We have received a message from the Embassy informing that it would not apply the change until two years later that UK notified through official channels, So what Spain will try to negotiate a bilateral agreement Since both countries have common interests.

On this side is all very scrambled eggs, both Irish and Scots are calling for a referendum to separate from England and there is a petition to the British Government for Repeat the referendum (which when I have signed it already had more than 120000 signatures).

Any request for citizenship with more than 100000 It has to be debated in Congress; Here the will of the people is respected and is therefore This referendum is taken seriously, regardless of whether or not binding.


Do you think it will hurt the current cooperation in academia, both scholarships and mobility and recognition of qualifications?

Everything remains to be seen that the immigration system set, but as soon the parties called for a border control which means losing the free movement, so affect affect safe.

Almost the entire weight of the campaign have been fallacies, as that before going to Europe, you could buy a very cheap house, But history reminds us that despite this poverty of postwar ruined the country.


As a European citizen, has allowed himself to vote in the referendum?, or is exclusively for British citizens living in the EU, they are already born in the own England, as in other States of the CommonWealth or as Gibraltar overseas territories?

ES only for births in United Kingdom and Commonwealth, for example I've been paying taxes for three years and I was not allowed to vote; on the other hand an Australian who resides here three months if you can.


Letter informing of the right not to vote by non-British EU citizens.


Do you think of how the facts are presented and the use that is being done in the Spanish media data??

They both seek to instill fear into the according to them radical, as SideTrack a little of their own scandals as for example the of the Minister of the interior; It is also used to overrule some parties by them from populists by supporting the right to decide of the peoples, just after accusing populism to be precursor of the brexit.


As you can imagine the situation in UK from here to 5 years?

Because right now is all very uncertain, still It is not known that type of relationship will keep UK Europe. In case of access to the single market, I do not think that the economy is going badly, but the problem is that they should have open borders as it happens with Switzerland, and not be me if that accepted it.


Have you ever thought you before again in the future? Regardless of the answer, your decision has conditioned the BREXIT?

I was saving to buy a House here, for January already had for the entrance of the House, now I have to wait to see what happens, I have here my family: This my partner, My dog (I travel from Barcelona with me), My cat (It was adopted here).

I've made friends, We have both stable work, and wellness. We believed that we had found a place to belong; and now all this puts at risk our future plans.


LEAVE campaign poster.

Nigel Farage, one of the fathers of the consultation.

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