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Some time ago I read about this on some site of Internet.

Some time ago when still did not have a Blog, didn't even know that it was an HTML tag or knew the 7 layers of the TCP stack, and wandered to the corners of the network looking for interesting information.

For a time in China has catalogued the compulsive use of Internet as a “clinical psychological disorder” and are to be detained in centros de internamiento y formación militar young people who spend more than “X” hours in front of a computer.

Supuesto adicto a Internet mientras le practican un escáner cerebral.

Alleged Internet addict while you have a brain scan.

My opinion on this is rather extensive, and as I do not write a book if not bring you a video, tonight I'll try to sum it up as much as possible, and finally you facilitate the video so you can see it, generate your own opinion and if you wish I encourage you to comment so you tell it to us.

Visión trasera de este "rústico" scanner cerebral"

Rear view of this “rustic” Brain Scan

These young people are in Internet a relief to the problems that have, is your escape route, as for other drugs in countries where they have easy access to The network of networks or to a computer, and I think that the best way to treat what they call “addiction”, not drugging them to make them wake up without turning back into a kind of prison for children and adolescents, There are so-called sites Day hospital in Spain, and surely other countries to treat similar cases.

Screenshot of 2014-07-28 22:32:09

Medication list to supply suspected addicts.

I think that the solution is to spend more time with them, educarlos correctamente and teach them that Internet is a tool, an area of our lives that we can't ignore once we choose the red pill of this overwhelming “Matrix”.

And your which you choose?

And your which you choose?

But we must teach them from well small that the excesses are bad, whatever in the field, since they are digital natives and will increasingly coexist with more technology in their day to day, We must teach them to benefit from it is this that mark his life.

Instructor of the Center giving a talk to suspected addicts.

Instructor of the Center giving a talk to suspected addicts.

To conclude, I would like to say that categorize it as I think perhaps clinical disorder exaggerated in the majority of cases, because for sure that you for the few who have actually already existed prior to this psychiatric nomenclature.

And that it covers also those who spend all day talking about cars and playing scalextric, talking about football all the time, or thinking all day about fried foods and dining all night bathed in mayonnaise potato omelette, This last example pretty more harmful, in my humble opinion.

At last, Here you have the video:

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