The ethical hacker movement maker – the culture [Valentine wall]

Today I bring you a video in which Valentine wall summarized in a way that I liked the Ethical Hacker. The thirst for freedom, the desire to know, share, squeeze all the most, and the desire to learn all about computers and woodworking, It is a way of understanding the world that surrounds us, and We can apply it to any discipline and daily acts of every day.

SilofaThis video also helps us realize of as they move forward fast free technologies, because until a few years ago users had to pay to use a package of Software and we now have of Free software and Open software.


We even have Operating systems free full and Free hardware, What has allowed us to stop investing our time to have tools and free payment systems, to be able to invest it all in the end that is to explore, Learn, create new things and improve the existing ones without having to reinvent them.

3dprinterSo don't limit yourself to hack your computer, your devices, the extension of you and your home. Hack your around and move your way to the physical world, Thus it was born the movement Maker.

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