Debate: Millennium – Without intimacy [LA2]

These days you try to sell the image of the most dangerous Internet, and more and more they are trying to demonize the media of the network image to exercise more control on it trying to instill fear so that people who do not understand at all that this is what we call the Internet and how it works, delegate feedback for the benefit of those who have ability and a so-called criterion to decide.

I think it's a double-edged weapon, and it is that it may be the best ally if we use it well, but for that we need to understand that it is, and it is not. By chance a couple of days ago a classmate sent to me this televised debate.

Is there really that threat? Do we really want to change our privacy protection?

Also non-existent protection and that at the end, and only after it is accessible for people with enough money, If people who can maintain some privacy in some aspects of his life due to his or her status.

I sincerely believe that they are simple measures to make people that ask for control, rather than imposing it by force, and I think that is so put us fear in cyber space, How until four days ago they were national security and terrorism.

We must be very careful do not give in this sort of thing, and more when it comes to freedom, and some of us we will be more difficult to assess them, because we are born with them and not imagine of what we are releasing, and what it takes to win them. But you could easily make analogies to the physical world… In short, is very important to evaluate them and care for them how they deserve.

Do they get to convince Internet users more conservative?? I promise you that in this regard I've heard to say everything.

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