Debian – Resolve access to USB ports from Oracle VirtualBox error

Next to VMWare Workstation, Oracle VM Virtualbox es uno de mis software favoritos para gestionar máquinas virtuales por su amplia gama de opciones y su compatibilidad.

When you upgrade to the most recent version stopped detecting external devices connected to the host machine, and I want to share with you the solution to this problem that has been caused so many headaches.

During the previous weeks of end of semester and hard work, I dodged the problem by lack of time using shared folders to transfer files between my virtual machines or the host machine; but I finally had the need to use a card WiFi USB in one of them.

VirtualBox does not detect the USB devices connected to the host machine.

It was then that I began to investigate the because of the error and its possible solutions, until I finally discovered that the failure was due to that my username did not belong to the Group “vboxusers“, so I only had to add it to the same.

usuario@maquina:~$ sudo usermod -G vboxusers -a usuario

Once this is done we can see changes in the file “/etc/group” host machine, to make sure that the user already belongs to this group.

usuario@maquina:~$ cat /etc/group | grep vboxusers

It is necessary to reset the user's session so that your changes are applied in VirtualBox; as you can see below, now already have access to external devices; in this new version added a third driver to take advantage of the features that the bus USB 3.0 us offers.

Now VirtualBox now detects the USB devices connected to the host machine.

In addition also the on-board devices are detected on the host computer, as for example the webcam notebook I have used for this tutorial, and that you can see in the above screenshot.

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