Documentary: Free culture and education hacker of Carlos Escaño [Vimeo]

Today I bring you a documentary that has drawn much attention.

I don't believe much in education: each must be its own model although this is disastrous.

~Albert Einstein

I also believe that the current educational system thwarts creativity, and change the desire to learn from children, by the boredom of reciting what for decades was important for someone.

Perhaps the worst student in the class is the most intelligent, the more restless, He has more imagination and which could change the things towards reinventing the present to change the future…

But the changes are not well seen, and the dashed illusions based on correct and they should be used, done or said things develop to bright young people lousy students with the revenge as a sole objective.

And the great truth of all this is that we need those young talents to make the world change, as well as we need to stop believing that we know everything.

Only in this way we will begin to learn. How the new connected generation is already doing, free-form.

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