Documentary: Cyber warriors – Blaster worm [Buzz]

This documentary speaks about as Michael Calce known as Mafia Boy, programmed the worm Blaster at the age of 15 years. This worm was first able to affect society malware delaying flights, trains, boats… infecting the airlines computer networks, rail-sea.

[YouTube = 3i2ZJaE7b3E]

It infected computers without running any attachment or executable client, It was only necessary that the victim was connected to the network.

It also affected the United States Army, and it caused a power outage in the same country, Since it infected machines controlling a power station.

Among the messages that are in the code of Blaster, highlights this message to Bill Gates:

Billy gates why do you make this possible ? Stop making money and fix your software!!
(Billy Gates, Why do this possible? Stop making money and corrects your software!!)
[Fragment taken from Wikipedia.]

Blaster release marked a before and an after in the world of computer security, After this worm already demonstrated that things such as the cyberterrorismo or the cyberguerra were not phenomena of science fiction but a present reality that would soon, Since increasingly have more infrastructure of basic services of our companies connected to the network.

Most of them based in Windows, an operating system that is not known precisely for your safety.

The documentary shows even a demonstration of how an oil company could hack, fooling the system administrators that they may believe that everything goes well, While we desbordamos the tank to cause an oil spill. But we already have real examples more modern as Stuxnet, Flame, Duqu o Gauss.

You can also see how the world has grown from the e-Crime in recent years, and one of the activities more profitable continues to be the theft of personal information, in particular credit card, and driving licences and identity.
In countries such as Russia. this sector has a large industry.

Coming to the end of the video refers to the virus of Microsoft Word, where to infect the victim with this spyware, must download and open a word document.

The virus looks for all documents housed in the storage media of the victim in different formats such as CAD drawings, spreadsheets, pdf documents, among others and sends them to the author of the virus.
Finally we can see a demo of WarDriving.

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