Happy day of the Backup!

Happy day to all backup, and that your backup are always intact and functional…

To remember all these catastrophes that as many times as users have all had to watch helplessly as your hard disk is damaged without any possibility to recover data, and remember that the last backup is of weeks ago, months, or perhaps you never did a simple copy work that you wore both developing.

For all those bitter moments in which we would like to be swallowed by the Earth, today is the day of the Backup, so if you do not want to backup today is good day to start. If you already do them, No relax. Today can be a great day to update your backup copies, Perhaps you now sleep better after having done.

So now you know, pamper your data and minimize your risks. Make backup copies from time to time, There are many tools for all platforms, for all levels of expertise.

In Linux, for example we have rsync. A powerful tool for our online backups of text which I will soon devote a blog entry.
Rsync has a graphic interface called grsync, You can install separately for handling more easy, and we can combine it with cron, or your graphical environment gnome-schedule. It also allows remote backups.

And for all the system e.g. Clonezilla copy, free alternative to Norton Ghost which perhaps one day with more time I devote an input type howto.

This tool can also be used remotely, even dump images in multicast mode, to dump an image of a disk to several at once.

If not… always, we will have the ancestral copy - paste of a lifetime, to make copies of files more important when we remember. Although for systems with much volume of data to safeguard, It will always be better optimized and automated as those mentioned above tasks.

And I personally also recommend methods more reliable, optimized and safe as rsync.

Greetings pedestrians, and that you have a happy day of the Backup.

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