Computer forensics – Secure deletion of files with Wipe, and integration in the Nautilus Explorer

In the previous post about computer forensics, We saw How to recover deleted files, even from formatted disks; whenever we had not overwritten the various cluster where the information is stored on the affected drive.

Delete-album - 700 x 500On this occasion we will learn to delete files securely overwriting the disk repeatedly with random data, to preclude or hinder the task of recovery; Depending on the options that we launch this secure deletion software.

To do this we will use the package wipe, available for distributions GNU/Linux based in Debian from the official repositories; and finally We will integrate it into the Nautilus file browser, to make more comfortable handling.

#Instalamos wipe
usuario@maquina:~$ sudo apt-get install wipe

Now create a directory with some files inside, to finally delete them safely with Wipe.

usuario@maquina:~$ sudo mkdir directorio
usuario@maquina:~$ cd directorio
usuario@maquina:~$ sudo touch archivo1 archivo2 archivo3
usuario@maquina:~$ ls
archivo1 archivo2 archivo3

We can run wipe with many different options, I'm going to explain to them that I have chosen.

c If the directory permissions is necessary, running chmod to be able to delete it.

r activates the recursive delete, to remove all of its contents in addition to the directory.

i mode information, Active mode verbose.

q quick mode, by default 4 past.

Q Select the number of passes to apply quick mode.

k not split files to overwrite them, useful for cleaning a full device.

The other options of wipe You can find them in your manual, accessible from the terminal.

usuario@maquina:~$ man wipe

First of all, We will see one of the ways of delete a directory and its contents.

usuario@maquina:~$ sudo wipe -cri /home/usuario/directorio
Okay to WIPE 1 directory ? (Yes/No) Yes
Entering directory 'directorio'
File archivo2 (0 bytes) wiped 
File archivo1 (0 bytes) wiped 
File archivo3 (0 bytes) wiped 
Going back to directory /home/usuario
Operation finished.
3 files wiped and 0 special files ignored in 1 directory, 0 symlinks removed but not followed, 0 errors occured.

We can also see How to clean a partition whole, for what I will use the pendrive with the recovered files by Foremost in the previous practice.

usuario@maquina:~$ sudo wipe -kqQ 6 /dev/sdb1
Okay to WIPE 1 special file ? (Yes/No) Yes
Wiping /dev/sdb1, pass 5 in quick mode [488896 / 488896] ETA 2h56m 
Operation finished. 
1 file wiped and 0 special files ignored in 0 directories, 0 symlinks removed but not followed, 0 errors occured.

Now We are going to integrate Wipe in the Nautilus file browser to use it more comfortably, so first install the extension.

#Instalamos la extensión para nautilus.
usuario@maquina:~$ sudo apt-get install nautilus-wipe

And we have wipe integrated in Nautilus, with different options from which to choose.


We can delete a file, Directory, or selection of directories and/or files with the option “wipe”.

Or we can clean all the free space on a partition with the option “wipe available diskspace”; with this option, as well as with the previous, We can choose if we want to overwrite the data erased one, two or thirty-and-eight times.

Once finished delete files safely, or clean the disc; and you refill completely the process bar, wipe We will notify you with a message.

After cleaning the pendrive with wipe, If we create a partition and try to recover the files with Foremost; We will see that you can't find even one single.

usuario@maquina:~$ sudo foremost -v -T -t all -i /dev/sdb1 -o /home/usuario/Escritorio/recuperados
Foremost version 1.5.7 by Jesse Kornblum, Kris Kendall, and Nick Mikus
Audit File

Foremost started at Tue Jan 6 16:50:28 2015
Invocation: foremost -v -T -t all -i /dev/sdb1 -o /home/usuario/Escritorio/recuperados 
Output directory: /home/usuario/Escritorio/recuperados_Tue_Jan__6_16_50_28_2015
Configuration file: /etc/foremost.conf
Processing: /dev/sdb1
File: /dev/sdb1
Start: Tue Jan 6 16:50:28 2015
Length: 7 GB (8010072064 bytes)
Num Name (bs=512) Size File Offset Comment 

Finish: Tue Jan 6 16:59:23 2015


Foremost finished at Tue Jan 6 16:59:23 2015

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