The lost generation in Spain and Europe [The 2]

This week I have come to the whim of suffer me, to be able to relax and be more time in bed, because my pace of life during the year it is something that I can't let me by the volume of work which I am subject. So I had enough time to see documentaries, conferences, videos, etc…

This is one of the more it caught my attention, among other things it shows the sad situation in which we are almost young people in Spain to the finish our studies.

It is not spoken of computer security, But if reference is made to the social networks and as these can benefit us and harm us, must use them correctly and to our benefit to be one connected society and enjoy the possibilities that we offer. But head to prevent control us and we pursue, or do business with our data (and it is not conspiranoya).

Always demanding our rights and our freedoms.

In terms of studies, I personally think that much lack of work that exists we must use the time and study to make us to be professional, being proactive so that when that dream vacancy, or at least worth, We have what to offer and we can choose to the. And also grow as people and investigate and develop on our own, or who knows, Perhaps we should start with our own project.

At least I could not live the air sat all day on the couch without do nothing more than watch TV or look at the wall. Without my “pots” (as they say my mother and my partner) neither my research I do not think that it could be fully happy.

Do you you think?? You can comment about it.

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