The electronic tragedy [Cosima Dannoritzer]

Today I want to share with you this video documentary, that makes some time vi (the video you have below ready to give to the Play).

sAFVThe documentary us shows how many of the e-waste part in Europe they are sent to Africa, and the United States to Asia, claiming that it is computer equipment still can aprocecharse, to finish being stacked in giant landfill and finally burned or dissolved in acid to remove their heavy or precious metals that may contain these wastes.

Electronic landfill in Ghana

Electronic landfill in Ghana (Africa).

Despite being prohibited the export of waste electronic more than thirty years (What is produced in the European Union must be recycled in Europe),
and in addition to that when you buy an electronic device we are paying a recycling rate already included in the price of sale to the pubic, in the 66% cases never arrive to be recycled, Since this illegal business moves already more money than drug trafficking in the countries of destination and step.

Electronic landfill in China.

Electronic dump in Guiyu Park (China).

Some of these images, and also other very similar We could see them in the documentary about the planned obsolescence, one of the reasons that these large landfills function to add to the list (lack of ethics, lack of humanity, greed, planned obsolescence, etc…).

I do not extend more, because in the documentary It explains everything in detail:

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