MailRelay – Discovering your new filter for engagement

In the previous article about email marketing We met this powerful tool of mailing and some of their advantages over competing strongly settled from the likes of MailChimp.


Today we know a new function, the filter user commitment or engagement, that will allow us to segment our mailing lists.


The organization by the level of commitment users with our newsletters, provide us the possibility of Learn more about the users registered to our mailing lists, and have a feedback with which to better understand how you interact with our post in each campaign.

engagement-Lista-suscriptoresThis will allow us design and direct our campaigns with greater awareness of the commitment of the public towards which are addressed as well as have a perspective of the reputation available to our email addresses to avoid to the extent possible, ending up in the dreaded SPAM lists, and improving the rate of receipt of our email newsletters.


To get to know the level of user interaction We must simply go to the tab “Active” menu “Subscribers” and the search column “reputation“, in which we can see the score that we face to each user and individually, being one the lowest value and five the highest, N/A It indicates that the user has not yet received any newsletter on our part.

reputacion-Lista-suscriptores - 1

Reputation column – Image from

This system is very graphic, and really easy to use already in the panel is replaces the numerical one based on Star and much more visual evaluation system.

reputacion-Lista-suscriptores - 3

Reputation with star column – Image from

If you already have an account on MailRelay, the filter by engagement It should be available in your dashboard at the moment; But if you still don't have yours, Remember that the boys of CPC they have decided to expand up to the 31 for the month of June its six months free promotion to migrate from most of its counterparts like MailChimp o GetResponse.


On the other hand, If you have a blog and you want to develop your own personal brand as others have already done, want to know that MailRelay It has launched a new features for bloggers with a capacity of up to 120.000 Subscribers, and that will allow you to send up to 600.000 monthly emails and form totally free.

Nueva-Cuenta - mark-staff-mailrelay

There is no secret formula for success, but publish original and quality content on a regular basis, along with the use of tools such as MailRelay, and the social networks they can help to grow exponentially, and with time and effort reach more and more people; It is a pleasant satisfaction to help readers and thus return a bit of everything you've taken of the network of networks.

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