MailRelay – Manage your campaigns of email marketing with this tool

If you administer a digital media or a web portal and you want to be in contact with your readers or customers, You can do this by using the social networks, but there are many other ways; one of them is the email marketing, and today we will speak about MailRelay.

mailrelayThere are many providers that offer this type of services, each on their own solutions; in this article we will know the basics of one of them created in Spain, with more and more visibility, and which can compete with MailChimp, the giant U.S. of this type of software.


By means of the email newsletters which allows us to create and manage This tool, We can among other things, avoid that our Subscribers our publications are lost, or send offers to our customers in an organized manner, Automatic, and intuitive.


To register in the Web of MailRelay We will only have to follow three simple steps, After that permits access to the control panel our account via the link that we provide in the activation email that I will get after a few seconds.

MailRelay control panel.

From here you can create and manage the email newsletters, Configure automatic responses for the post received thanks to the Autoresponder, and categorize our Subscribers among many other options; in my case I'm going to create two groups: one for you, the readers of the blog, and one for my clients.

Groups of subscribers in MailRelay.

Once created the newsletters and unless one group of subscribers Configure the options you want, According to our needs; parameters as for example the logo of our company o digital media, the Forms subscription, the Autoresponder, or the Senders associated to each newsletter mail.

List of senders in MailRelay.

Another aspect to take into account are the templates for newsletters, you allow us to send emails more attractive visually; We can create our own templates, or choose from the predefined.

Templates predefined MailRelay newsletters.

Should be noted that MailRelay It should not be installed in our Server Web What facilitates its implementation underway, avoiding work to get down to work; and also what is free up to 5.000 subscribers and 75.000 emails a month for companies, and for bloggers 120.000 Subscribers with 600.000 monthly emails.

Screenshot of 2016-03-07 21:52:54In his website you will find all the documentation relating to the tool as well as videos and tutorials to familiarize ourselves with it; with the additional advantage which means that everything is worded or commented on Spanish, Portuguese, e English.

I am I going to give an opportunity to This service Since offers many facilities for migrate from MailChimp, and features of support in Spain among many other countries; so if you live elsewhere also It is a good option to take into account as an alternative to other similar tools.


Countries in which MailRelay offers support.

If you also want to take the step to migrate from MailChimp, by courtesy of MailRelay Here is a coupon for this tool during six months version complete free of charge, in the case that does not meet the requirements described above for the free version.

Saint-valentin-o-EasterIn the following video the channel of Javier Godea you will learn among other things to migrate your mailing lists and subscribers towards This tool, and configure it in more detail to make it to your taste.

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