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In the previous post about SEO positioning in WordPress We saw as migrate an installation of to without any penalty.

SEO WpressThis time we will see some aspects of positioning more advanced to make our web site Sexy search engine, as it may be to use a permanent links, or permalinks on the Blog more friendly for the search engines and the user experience, and modify the URL to delete it that /WP that is so ugly.

Before you start

First of all we should do a backup total of our installation, another database MySQL, and finally we will keep a copy of the files index.php and .httacess without modifying.

BackupressLet us remember that this blog is focused on computer security, so we are going to make things safe, leaving open the possibility to go back to any problems that may arise to environment to implement the following steps.

Change the URL and delete the /wp of our URL

To remove the /WP of the domain name, We must copy (DO NOT CUT) Archive .httacess and the index.php the directory containing the installation of WordPress to the root of the hosting, and instruct our index.php to find the installation in the subfolder that you indicate.

Archive .httacess It is hidden as it indicates the point at the beginning of its name, so we will have to access the directory of our using WordPress FTP and download the files to edit them, the rest is as simple as editing the following parameter in the file of index.php follows indicating the name of the subdirectory containing the installation of WordPress, and re - upload files to the directory root hosting.


We refer to the subfolder that contains WordPress, in my case /wp.

For this purpose you can use FileZilla for example, an easy to use for any option to mention, and once made this already can access our Blog, and We will not see that annoying /wp.


URL changed without the /WP.

If we do not do this, it is possible to change the permalinks the home of the Blog is empty and links to entries are broken, that is why we do this step by step.

Change the syntax of the permanent links

When we speak of permanent links, We refer to the text of the URL to the right of our domain, and is that WordPress is the best platforms to implement Web pages and perfect for Blogging, but there are some aspects that have not been treated as they should, and that we can improve ourselves manually.

Better go to SettingsLinks Permanent to see it with more detail…

The permalinks default are not friendly for users, or for the search engines, Since the more convenient is that the text in the URL refer to the title of the article to which it links, and in WordPress it is configured in the following way.


Default permalinks.

We want to show the name of the entry after the domain, as we will see below.


Optimized permalinks and more environmentally friendly.

But we must be careful, Since the old structure links are temporarily redirected, that is to say that they are redirects of the type 302, and we wish to establish them type 301 o Permanent, Since the otherwise search engines will punish.

301to302To indicate this to our WordPress, We must go to the root of the same directory and edit the hidden file .httacess, to edit the file we downloaded previously using FTP.

httacess. Once opened, We are going to the next page and we fill out this form to generate redirects, the returned text should be inserted at the top of the file .httaccess and after reupload the file, our redirects are already of the type 301.


We indicate the subdirectory of the installation of WordPress and our old structure of permalinks.

We can see it in This web page, and we'll see that it creates a redirect 301 toward same, but without the wp to then redirect with another 301 towards the new friendly Permalink, and finally get the search engines perceive it as one permanent redirect and give it good.

redirectThis option to modify the .httaccess is only recommended for the syntax /%post%/, If you want to configure another syntax you should do the redirects manually with a plugin like Redirection.

Broken links

It is possible that some broken links, in my case two entries, What should perhaps establish the Permanent link manually from the editor's posts

permaamanoAnd change the URL, This I have done since the pluggin Broken Link Checker, to check all the links from my Blog each 24 hours and send me an e-mail if any link is broken.


Forward the sitemap to Google

At last, We must go to the Tools page for Google webmasters, and resubmit our Sitemap so Google index new URL.



The only disadvantages "I have found is that markers of"I like it"entries of the" Blog have been to 0 Once again, but I hope very much that you solucionéis it, and that day including Google us desindexe the old links and index the new visits coming from search engines to drop a little.


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