Program TV: Camus Hacker – Emmanuel Ioselli, alleged hacker celebrity [C5N]

Report on the so-called cracker, that intimate images he stole the famous…

He declares inter alia passing moments in front of the TV looking for some famous, After studying their habits with their mobile devices, PC ’ s, etc… and with simple methods of social engineering and hacking to rob them intimate pictures and videos.

[YouTube = fxl21dAjR1Q]

Among other statements her mother says that the only thing that did was record to some girl and “boludear” (talk more), but that he does not know nor open the Whatsapp and even less understanding of methods and techniques hacker.

“It is an idiot that no works, has more than 20 years and is parasitic on the computer. It has a 70% less than vista…It is a Wanker”. Declares his mother.

Emmanuel denies that conversation and try to make it clear that he does not is Camus Hacker. Says that the authentic Camus made contact with the, to provide you with fame instead of carrying the blame, and by refusing, threatened.

Like all videos will be archived in the library.

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