Raspberry PI B + – Review and main differences from the previous model B

Some months ago I released the new Raspberry PI B +, but I so far had not had the opportunity of having one between hands.As I have at home which we will give in a few days as a prize of the Christmas contest, I used to make some photographs, and prove that your operation is correct; so in this installment, we'll see the main differences of this model with respect to the previous, Since I plan to buy one soon and you will see it enough here.

Size and design

The size is apparently the same, but it seems that the Foundation has been taken very seriously the typical comparison that is made of their dimensions with a credit card; as you can see in the image below, they have rounded edges to give that appearance; and now if you have exactly the same perimeter.

Another interesting thing to take into account from the design, is that they have added four holes for screws in the corners of the plate; This is an enhancement that I personally appreciate, because it allows a better fixation of the PI making prototypes with custom boxes, resulting assemblies more robust.

Multimedia connectors

Composite video connector has been removed, to change the connector audio jack of 3,5 mm and three poles by a model of 14,5 mm four-pole; with more connections inside.

PC2402301In addition to plug you speakers as the previous model, This new connector gives us the possibility of using a specific cable to take advantage of all its outputs; so Add this video connector which now lacks plate.

Specific cable is the typical one which is also used in some models old mini televisions and tuners DVB-T; so if we have any forgotten by House and the pinout of the jack is the same, the time to take out it of the drawer, and give a second life; We can check whether connecting cable, Since the voltages are similar and There should be no problem; If it is not compatible it will not work.

More pin GPIO

Because of the size gained by deleting this connector, There is enough space to add 14 new PIN GPIO, thus leading to a total of 40; increasing the number of devices that you can connect simultaneously.

This improvement will allow us to develop projects much more large with a single Raspberry Pi, and without relying on expansion modules; Although the new model retains the pinout of the previous version, We do not reuse the breakout cables I have already; Since so it fits we unsolder the pins GPIO 27 and 28; or make a couple of notches in the cable connector.


But do not worry, you won't need to buy a new cable, because we can use one of IDE hard disk If you have any of our old PC.

Storage support

The format of the storage memory changed SD microSD, by what we must buy new cards and clone the old; unless we have been ahead.

PC240294In my case, Luckily most of the cards that I have are microSD with adapter; and the few SD I have, I will continue using them with my Raspberry Pi B, or to save them the backup of the microSD of the new PI.

More USB ports, and improvements in Ethernet port

A great advantage of the new Raspberry PI B + is that they have added two more USB ports, with what will have four ports directly without adding a HUB Expander.

PC240261We can see a further improvement in the connector Ethernet Magic Jack that you have assembled in this new Board, Since this time the connection status leds are incorporated into the connector; Unlike the previous model, where were next to the led's PWR.

Power consumption

Another advantage to Excel in the new model, especially if we use as a server; is the lower power consumption compared to the previous model, that translates into a small saving in the electricity bill.


Must be taken into account that the power circuits, as well as those of protection have been redesigned; and 1A fuse has been replaced by one of 2A; so the protection of Raspberry PI B + It is larger than the previous model.

Operating system

Even with all the changes, If we have a configured system running in our old Raspberry Pi B, You can use it directly in the new model, Since the internal architecture is the same, operating system and also.

raspbian raspberry pi

If our system is out of date, We must as a minimum update the firmware Since If not, won't the Ethernet connector because the controller has been replaced LAN9512, by the new LAN9514; Anyway It is highly recommended update the complete distribution the new version, at the moment it is 2014-12-24-Wheezy-raspbian, It implements multiple performance enhancements.

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2 thoughts on"Raspberry PI B + – Review and main differences from the previous model B

  1. Thank you for this series of articles, in particular the comparative pictures of this are very illustrative and orient the user about differences and applications.

    At the same time you pointed out a typo, Since you indicate
    “…to add this video output which now lacks plate…”
    and if B carries the version output analog video in the classic RCA female connector yellow, now improved, with the smaller type combo jack a/v

    Bless you

    • First of all, Thank you very much for commenting.

      You're right about the of the video output, in fact if that may confuse the user; What was intended to express in that sentence is still there is that output, but not before direct connector, so the new cable is necessary if we want to have the output.

      I've changed it slightly, and I think that he is already understood now that it has the output, but not to the connector.

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