Raspberry PI Zero - Review of the micro computer more economic market

To develop small size devices Raspberry PI 3 u Odroid C2 they are too big, and such projects require more compact platforms; the response of the Raspberry PI Foundation faced with this growing need has been the tiny Raspberry PI Zero at an affordable price of 5$.

I made with one of the coveted PI Zero, and taking the opportunity I'm going to share with you My first impressions, as well as the most relevant technical characteristics in this small micro computer oriented to the education and the development of projects focused to the Internet of Things.

PI_3_A + _Zero

Raspberry PI Zero, Raspberry PI A+, They Raserry MORE 3.

This little device is the same as the first model of Raspberry PI, a ARMv6 BCM2835, but with factory overclock which means a increase of the 40% in the performance; should be noted that He has dispensed with the slots for camera and the display in this version of the plate.


Broadcom BCM2835 ARMv6.

It is distributed as kit to reduce manufacturing costs, and thus the retail price; so in order to use the port GPIO, We must weld the strip of 40 PIN accompanying to the Pizer; also includes four additional pin, two for the video compound, and two to add a button or reset button.

GPIO with strip of 40 welded pin, the four remaining pin can be seen on the right.

We have two ports microUSB, the right wing dedicated to feed this small computer, and the one on the left is the USB OTG that allows us to attaching peripheral devices; However, If we plan to connect high consumption devices We will need a usb hub with external power supply.


Raspberry PI Zero, and USB hub with external power supply.

There are an infinite number of boxes and Accessories for Rasperry Pi Zero, and I I've opted for PI Zebra, a box finished in wood and with sink included You can see in the following picture next to the adapters of USB OTG and of miniHDMI to HDMI.

Raspberry PI Zero with box PiZebra, the hub USB OTG, and microHDMI to HDMI adapter.

In the table below I have compiled the technical characteristics most relevant, and the results of the benchmarks so you can compare them with the previous models Raspberry PI 2, Raspberry PI 3, and Raspberry PI B +.

Raspberry PI B + Raspberry PI Zero
Raspberry PI 2 Raspberry PI 3
ARMv6 700 Mhz ARMv6 1 GHz ARMv7 cortex QuadCore 900 MHz ARMv8 quad core 1.2 GHz cortex
GPU VideoCore IV Dual Core 250MHz VideoCore IV Dual Core 250MHz VideoCore IV Dual Core 250MHz VideoCore IV Dual Core 400MHz
512MB 512MB 1024MB (1GB) 1024MB (1GB)
Ethernet/WiFi Ethernet 10/100 The Ethernet Dongle 10/100 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 10/100 – WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Power 5In 1A 5V 750mA 5In (2A) 5.1In 2.5 and
Minimum temperature
31.5° C
37.9° C 34.2° C 33.1° C
Maximum temperature
50.8° C 38.5° C 50.8° C 48.7° C
Read rate
10.03 MB/s 13.30 MB/s 10.46 MB/s 10.46 MB/s
Rate of writing
3.34 MB/s 7.34 MB/s 3.34 MB/s 3.34 MB/s
Upload speed
2.21 MB/s 27.47 MB/s 2.21 MB/s 2.21 MB/s
Down speed 2.84 MB/s 111.71 MB/s 2.84 MB/s 2.84 MB/s
45.19 60.71 119.79 180.00
VAX Mips
851.07 1234.77 1536.95 2469.38
Test of glazesality
Exceeded Exceeded Exceeded Exceeded

The connection tests have been made with a ethernet dongle 10/100 USB 2.0, and the of temperature with the aluminum heatsink that includes PiZebra; You can then download the test logs in all four models.

Raspberry PI B + Raspberry PI Zero Raspberry PI 2 Raspberry PI 3

In short it is a device with a very good relationship quality price, and dimensions of performance; Although somewhat limited in as to connectivity referred to in.

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2 thoughts on"Raspberry PI Zero - Review of the micro computer more economic market

  1. Why do?, I wonder, they still appear tickets blog about the RPi Zero? The RPi Zero does not exist. A few thousands of units have been manufactured only, only once, a single batch. And never more. Half of the units gave them with the RPi Mag magazine. The rest was sold in a few days. Since then, nothing at all. Obviously, was a market test. The Foundation is interested in earning money, not at lower prices. Why the RPi B + climbed from price after going to market the RPi 3, so you buy the RPi 3. But is that I (and many other people) We do not need the RPi 3, but the B + or the Zero, less computing capacity and lower cost… I hope that the $9 C.H.I.P. come soon, with desire and strength of market, and give a little bit of cane to the RPi Foundation. Best regards, José Ángel Jiménez

    • Good afternoon Jose Angel,

      The idea of the review came the readers were asking for it, and also due to the uproar environment to this tiny, new device that is supposed to be the most economical on the market today.

      I stress supposed, Maybe due to shipping costs and taking advantage of some distributors that is not really so, but many still deserved the penalty due to the small size of the device and the possibilities that this offers.

      I got mine when the second batch, a week or two about before publishing this review; yesterday was released the first batch of the new revision, so if your anger is due to that not you got one time now it's your chance (still at this time two dealers with stock):


      I don't think it's a market test, Since the companies make HaT's and other accessories are putting meats on the grill, and on the other hand today same is has announced the departure of a new model of PiZero with slot for the camera as I mentioned a couple of paras.; but we have to allow a reasonable time to see that it ends up becoming Raspberry PI Zero in the next versions.

      Whoever has doubts I recommend that it is not future events and wait until there is more stability in their supply and are resolved bugs are detected with the feedback of the users as happened previously when he left Raspberry PI 2, and more recently Raspberry PI 3.

      It is also true that there are many other options on the market but Raspberry PI at the moment is that has a greater, and more robust community; from this blog I will continue to publish reviews, and tutorials of devices of various brands seem me most interesting to when work and the studies I allow.

      A greeting, and thank you for commenting and expose your opinion.

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