Barcelona Raspberry JAM – 11/04/2015

From Projectlog, Peatonet and We invite you to attend Saturday 11 April-the first Raspberry JAM held in Spain, that will take place in the interior of the premises of Makers Of Barcelona; sponsored by Raspberry Shop, Components Online and WRTNode.

The event will take place between the 11:00 and the 19:00, hours in which you can enjoy from talks, workshops, Sweepstakes and many other activities designed for all audiences; from musical workshops for children and introductory lectures to Raspberry PI and other plates, until robots racing and videovigiancia and home automation systems based on free or open hardware.

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videoThen both generals can get your free tickets to access the enclosure, as well as for each talk by EVENTBRITE; also You can make a donation to help cover the costs of the local and the Organization, the more you receive more we can invest in make this day unforgettable still more, If it is worth, for all.

Both the organizers, collaborators, speakers, and sponsors We will be delighted that you bstools to share the day with us and you informéis, as well as that we can learn from the other; We will also be open to all kinds of questions, suggestions and propositions.

And you, have you bought your ticket?

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3 thoughts on"Barcelona Raspberry JAM – 11/04/2015

  1. Hello, Good afternoon,

    I have a problem and I would like to ask for a Council, I need to be able to control a distant Web site, the idea is that the Raspberry will try to connect to this site and in case that NO contact, because for example the site is dropped or disconnected, or otherwise, in this case send a message, to a phone number or better to a gsm for example, I am looking for a solution and I think someone surely will be done, or have any solution, Many thanks in advance


  2. Hello Ignacio,

    You could for example make a script that check connectivity using ping, and if the ping does not respond, using the python libraries to Whatsapp to send a message with this notice to your mobile phone; for function 3G that you said should add a peripheral to your computer, or if you do it from the PI, a module 3 G.

    Best regards, and thank you very much for your comment.

    • Super, But how to do it, could you give me details, that would be much more easy, for my course, Best regards,


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