Hardening your GNU/Linux – What is the security?

It is common to hear statements such as: “Linux has no viruses“, “Apple has no virus“, “UNIX Like systems have no virus“, and although he has written and spoken much on the subject, I want to give my personal opinion on the subject.
SO'sCarsNot bad, Maybe that does not have to be entirely true, Since when these people talk about virus refer rather to any type of Malware, to the Social engineering, to the Phishing, or any type of malfunction your team, already be caused by some malicious third party, or a dismissal by the user, and not a virus as such.

I have also heard such statements when you use an operating system that is not stable, Since the complaint “I have a virus” It's finished to become in the “I am wrong” something happens to refer to to the home PC, and we do not know why.


Relief, I have a virus!

We ourselves We can be our most fearsome virus if we act with little common sense, for example, following the typical tutorial which says that the only solution to your problem is to run the command rm - rf /* in GNU/Linux o fOrmat C: in Windows.


But if ForoCoches UltraHacker69 said that thus removed the virus from the police!

As explained in a good teacher I had in one of her classes, just as you would not take any substance without previously informing you about its effects and risks, You should not execute any order in your terminal without before after investigating on your own actions will take in your system, the tutorial only give us a script the research we carry out, reducing the time and effort of the same.

Is true that there are systems made worse than others, but that doesn't mean that by using a UNIX Like and have common sense, or buy all security products coming to the market for Windows We are first and foremost protected, Although some companies making their living from selling that topic.


Collection of antivirus.

That is as uncertain as thinking that by having a safety lock we are completely safe from thieves, So buy a plywood door to invest the rest of the money in the lock, or securizamos to the full the main gateway forgetting that there are other avenues of access, for example those that criminals who engage in butron make use.

puerta "segura"For this reason a UNIX Like system may be unsafe, and a Windows can be relatively safe, everything will depend on the user monitor after, and measures and policies that this takes place in the use of any device, from your own PC to the Router, through STP or UTP cables to distribuydifen the connection between different devices in the home or office, and finally the luck factor and habits.

security measures

Various measures of perimeter security.

You have to keep in mind is that if we want to be relatively safe using a Proprietary operating system, and also wrong we have to be willing to spend large amounts of money, Since you will have to buy packages of Software and the Hardware We indicate, While us lot of freedom of choice, to perform tasks that we could carry out free with free Software of the same quality or even better in many cases.

WinVSGNUSince instead of a company who only think of their income, This is developed by a large community of users like us, thinking about what they need for themselves.

10-consejos-crear-comunidad-twitter-tu-empres-L-jgB_osThis difference explains it very well Eric S. Raymond in his book the Cathedral and the Bazaar, available in Spanish version in the category of Free software of the Library blog.


The Cathedral and the Bazaar, a great book by Eric S. Raymond explaining this difference.

For example, if we use an operating system proprietary as Windows, and abide by all the recommendations of the experts in information security and network security, We pay for updates quickly whenever they are put on the market, We have access 24/7 a technical service, but we do ignore some of the recommendations, we relax and e.g. download a cracked game, It will be nothing everything else we do to safeguard our system, Since We ourselves who are installing malware.

autoinfectionIt is not to say that you must pay to use it, or I hope you bring you hands behind head, but It must take into account the risks It involves every action that we will take, to do it safely, and It is our responsibility to form us as users, know that tools are at our disposal, and use them, make them known, and share them.

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