Server Raspberry IP-based centralized management panel

A year ago I had to design and implement a end of course project, and I want to share it with all of you; It is possible that you find some error in these documents, Since then few months ago that it had a Raspberry, But if had read enough about it.


Centralized management Panel.

The goal of this project was to apply everything I learned in the Center, and by free self-taught during the two years that passed the cycle; If you find any error, or want to suggest an improvement you can do so by means of a comment, at the end of the article are links to all the documentation, as soon as you have finished reviewing it, I will upload the project to GitHub.

The panel features of RPi-Monitor embedded by IFRAME to view the status of our server and remotely at all times; and a poster in motion with indications of support the user.


Centralized management Panel – RPI-Monitor IFRAME.

If we access the option “Area surveillanced” We will find another panel from which permits access to the images of the video surveillance cameras in real time.


Centralized management Panel – Area surveillanced.

Below you can see a sample of PiCam, It is possible to assign a different image of each camera name (in this case store); and must bear in mind that the software motion-mmalcam configured intentionally with a lower resolution so that the streaming is more fluid, but the photographs that is simultaneously saved on disk are of higher quality.


Area surveillanced – Warehouse (PiCam 1).

To implement this project, we will need the following devices, Since among other functions, Raspberry It will act as a server for printing and scanning thanks to CUPS and SANE.


Devices needed.

Then we can see two network diagrams, in which a local network is configured with your DMZ in which is Raspberry; and an Internet access thanks to NoIP and a router with the firmware DD-WRT u Open WRT, If you dont have a router that changing the firmware free one, We can always install NoIP in the Raspberry.


Diagram of network with a Raspberry PI.

In the second example we also give out no services between two, or more Raspberry to balance the load and everything to flow with greater stability.


Diagram of network with two Raspberry PI.

See the PDF document

The technical presentation slides

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