Tor: Diving between the layers of the onion – Diary of an Onionauta (Delivery I)

Yesterday I decided that the entry of today keep it is to the Tor network. I thought of explaining how it is installed, Configures, and uses, all of this under Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

When browsing through TOR I regretted, then will tell you because.

We are going with a min-analysis of TOR:

Tor is a network based proxies, that basically gives us surf anonymously, and with access to Internet, works by layers of encrypted proxies, that is tunnel each on top of other, the perfect scheme would be an onion, by its layers. Hence the little icon of the onion in Vidalia (then we will see that it is) and what of the domain .Onion (onion in English).

It is basically a service that runs in the background (a demon in our case, Since we work in GNU/Linux) that is often combined with a local server and a proxy client, so that all output to the Internet be channeled towards Tor.

Our connection, It will be channeled through our proxy local to a TOR node, and passing through several TOR nodes, you will reach a point in which one of those nodes, return to Internet. In the following diagram we can see how it works in a way more visual:

To manage the boot, stop, reboot and configuration of this service/daemon have the typical commands to services (service stop/start/restart tor) There is also a Vidalia, a graphical interface that will allow all users to ensure their safety/anonymity in a quick way, and that does not just require advanced technical knowledge.

Android has its version of the GUI, called Orbot.

We also have Ubuntu LiveCD distributions optimized for anonymity, you implement TOR among other tools, e.g. Tails.

Privoxy is used normally as a proxy, Since it is very easy to set up, But if we want that the proxy will make us also proxy cache function (It is usually desirable because of the low speed of this anonymous network) and save us the sites that we are asking for a period of time, We will choose by polyp.

At last, install a proxy client in your browser, and we will go to the following website to check our traffic outgoing (at least from the browser) you are now leaving the runway TOR.


This network allows to work anonymously from any program that has tools to configure the network parameters, and support http or socks v5 proxy (see web browsers, customers IRC, Type email clients Outlook Express o Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.).

As before, he said, yesterday I thought to write something more “imitable”, a tutorial step by step to configure TOR under Ubuntu. When I entered the deep web (deep Web) that Tor is part, I changed the idea quickly.

That change of idea occurred to see, and so as we remember, what there is abundant: hired killers, manufacturers of prohibited substances, arms sales, sale of college degrees, and even, and this is what we must, and what more arcades gives me, paedophiles or paedophile.

And I realized that to some extent, people who may read this blog and feel curious, you will find countless posts on the first page of your search in any browser, in which you will find tutorials step by step more or less updated, which will install TOR and experience with the, that Yes… If you are going to enter in TOR, better to deactivate the option to automatically load images on web sites, so you same unpleasant images.

As in the country in which I live (Spain), I do not see still urgency in using this type of service, the reader will take your time if you wish to seek a good tutorial, and install that already comprises more (or less) After this introductory reading.

I will thus save a typical: the author of the blog is not responsible for the use given to the contents of the, When I can do more missing.

In the next installment of Diary of an Onionauta, You can see a reflection more thoroughly what I have found in this diving between layers cebollunas.

Even more cross…

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