WRTNode – the new board of development oriented networks and based on OpenWRT firmware

Recently I have been able to read in RedesZone a brief explanation about WRTNode, a new development style Board Arduino o Raspberry PI, also designed to facilitate the use of the Electronics in various projects.

WRTNodeBut this new plate is more oriented networks, and it is that it is fully compatible with the known firmware Open router OpenWRT in its version Barrier Breaker, many of us have already used in a wide range of open routers that allow us to replace your firmware.


Linksys WRT54G, Perhaps the best-known of them.

There isn't much information on the web about this new and small plate, much less in Spanish, that's that have encouraged me to share with you this discovery (at least for my is it) that when I can I will try to buy to better understand the functioning of a Router at the level of Hardware/Software and play around with it like that I've done and I still do today with my Raspberry.


The QMP guys are already playing with WRTNode.

Begin to see the first videos in the network of projects made with this plate that has a little less than power and a price less to the of the PI.

This small panel of development features of 512MB of DDR2 RAM, a MTK CPU MT7620N to 600MHz, 16MB of flash memory, USB 2.0, 23 ports GPIO general purpose, 5 ports JTAG, port SPI and UART, and two connectors WiFi MIMO 2T2R that allow us to reach speeds of 300Mbps in the band of the 2,4GHz, hub Ethernet for 4 ports, and WAN port; What gives us the possibility of developing projects of smaller size with it, or improve the connectivity of already implemented projects on Raspberry and/or Arduino.

From Catalonia the boys of QQuick MESH Project, they have already adapted their system to deploy networks Mesh/MANET based on Wi-Fi technology to this Board, and they have released the binary ready to install development version in its official repository.

QMProjectThanks to this new development kit technology enthusiasts, computer science, networks, Security, and robotics, We can understand a little better how the devices that control the wireless gateway to our houses private network at the modest price of 25$.

CiudadConectadaTo my already some occur to me? projects that could develop with it, and to you?

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