Prohibited education [Reevo]

This film talking about the problem of today the paradigm of the current education system, that is intended to produce subjects obedient to repeat like parrots the same topics selected by experts for decades in schools that serve as assembly lines, that removed the ability to think and be creative in the students of today who will be the adults of tomorrow.

Also speaks of the solutions that you are considering some people to these problems.

Studying is not an act of consuming ideas, fate of create and recreate them.

~Paulo Freire

This system, that foster the competitiveness above all also based on very specific topics, tag students with qualifications that define them and mark them for lifelong, and may to frustrated expectations a worthy future for intelligent people, but they lost interest in studying due to the monotony that generate the different academic classes and forget that they are.

If you are looking for different results do not always the same.

~Albert Einstein

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