Free video surveillance – Selling my Raspberry PI-based system

A few months ago I decided to take as a freelancer, work from home it would allow me to reconcile with the studies that I cursaré distance next year; After a period of inactivity for lack of time I return stomping.

And is that I promise that now I will find time to share what you can with you about what professionally developed, as well as tutorials and articles that always have provided such warm welcome.

One of the projects that I have developed and implemented in this period of time is one of the parties, but improved, of my end-of-course project: a video surveillance system free based on Raspberry PI.


Cameras display page about two years ago.

After many hard and difficult days and nights of litres and litres of coffee, Since I've been learning what is necessary in terms of programming and LOPD on the fly and self-taught, I want to share with you finally the result of much effort.


Login to access the WEB application securely.

The system designed to measure for the pilot store consists of five cameras video surveillance with night vision expandable in angle and distance, sensors presence detect, and a uninterruptible power supply that acts as a battery in case of power outages with a duration of up to three hours, correcting also the shortcomings of the power thus preventing possible damage in the hardware by the same.


Testing the night vision to guide the beam of light go.

For obvious reasons I can not hang nearly any image extracted from systems implemented in real stores, at least not those taken during opening hours or which allow to get an idea of the distribution of the shop in question, or the angle of approach to the cameras; i.e., the actual extent across his goal and filters chosen for each specific location of the establishment.


Viewing images in real time from Android via a 3G connection.

The images are stored in a centralized recorder, and can be found the records in video format as well as the images from the cameras in real time from the interior of the establishment or domicile, as on public roads Since operating systems Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and MAC OSX.


Accessed from Android to the registration of stored videos.

I've written a simple Demon system for the purpose of notified by a bot that I programmed for Whatsapp the person in charge of the establishment of presences unauthorized in closing time to the public, so you can see images of the exact moment of intrusion; It is also possible to configure alerts via email.

Notices received by Whatsapp.

All devices receiving power from the same source, supplied by the voltages required for each of them taking into account possible voltage drops produced by the length of the wiring, that on occasions it can measure up to one hundred meters, Since both data and power travelling through the same cable thus reducing the time and resources needed.

This image has been distorted to comply with the data protection act in the field of video surveillance.

There is the system of a centralized control panel from which view images in real time, Download the videos stored in the recorder, and check the status of devices System, as well as configure them.

Screenshot of 2015-08-25 16:51:02At last, so you can check the Full HD quality images obtained, I've uploaded a small sample of video that I recorded a television during the broadcast of a programme in the DVB-T.

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13 thoughts on"Free video surveillance – Selling my Raspberry PI-based system

    • Hello Ignacio, as always it is a pleasure to have you here.

      At the moment I'm only charging for installation, as well as adaptation to the client of the Parties requesting it in order to cover the expenses generated by having a company in my country, In addition to the expenditure involved in the development of the system and other projects that come in your way.

      I intend to share it with all of you in the near future, When you have finished grinding some aspects of software.

  1. Excellent post. A query, could you explain how you did to set the bot of whatsapp?. API used?. Would be good you can do another entry explaining how you did that since it is very interesting. Greetings and thanks.

      • Hello Valentin, Thanks for your comment.

        The default option I offer is that of notices via email with a flurry of accompanying photographs taken at the time of the intrusion, but after exposing developed options that are some of them which you propose, the client requested that notices be sent only using Whatsapp since it is possible to send them through several channels simultaneously.

        While it is true that Whatsapp has not released an API and does not condone the use of these, or of third-party libraries for Whatsapp, I've never had the problem that you mention the numbers lock but I will take it into account and appreciate your contribution.

        Could you give more details on the lock you man? For example after sending many messages, or after long with the number associated with your bot.

        Thank you, and see you soon.

    • Hello Elias, Thank you very much for your comment.

      This being a challenge for me the fact to distribute the software in the manner that facilitates greater deployment; Finally, I think that I will do so through images of the system based on Raspbian or derived from Debian for Raspberry PI.

      From the moment that was implemented this system which is currently the surveillanced pilot area, the majority of efforts in that system strictly comply with Spanish law focused, more concretely of the autonomous community of Catalonia by security and legislation which prevailed before development of the project and distribution.

      Then finish grinding these aspects remains, to finally release the software, next to the road map with all of the improvements that I think that would be interesting to add that anyone who wants to use it, and/or collaborate in the development of the same.

      You can keep an eye on social networks, or subscribe to the blog either via email or feedly to receive news when the day comes, Since you publish everything on my github, but I will here make a small mention.

      • Hello,

        I would like to be able to buy the software of monitoring, It seems that it meets my needs, tell me where, as and should cost, Thank you for everything


        • Hello Ignacio, Thanks for your comment.

          The entire project is free software, and when it is published, you can download it free of charge.

          What if I offer as a company, and we can talk about it is remote technical support and consultancy for implementation in your company or home, and adaptations of the software to your needs.

          see you soon.

  2. Hello, I am aware when you post it, I would like to use your project to monitor my home. Thank you very much for your effort

    • Hello Jorge.

      As soon as end of Polish some details it will publish.

      Currently it is still necessary to make monthly or quarterly maintenance, and not give abasto answering questions about as solve them.

      On the other hand of face to customers there is some services such as dynamic IP providers who are paid; of face to the blog I want to work it over and make a section in which explain one to one as install and manage all these services of form free in our infrastructure through tutorials.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Jajajaja, Challenging fancy?

    I am VS, and am looking for a system portable recorder of video and audio, for moments precise, and……..look at the data, valid to submit to trial, is not more than a tamper-proof system.

    • Hello Diego.

      At the moment I am somewhat busy with my studies, and embarked also on some projects personal.

      When the finish again to be available by what could speak it, and budget for the job that you are applying.

      Thanks for commenting, and next up.

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